When Is The First Day of Spring 2017

When is vernal equinox 2017

According to Gregorian year, the 1st day of spring 2017 in northern hemisphere will be on Monday, 20th March at 10:29 UTC. And the last day of spring equinox 2017 will be on Wednesday 21st June. The first day of vernal equinox 2017 in southern hemisphere will be on Thursday, 22nd September at 14:21 UTC.

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About Spring Equinox

Spring is one of the four seasons. Spring follows winter and is followed by the summer. The spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere (mostly) on March 20 and ends (mostly) on 21 June. In the southern hemisphere springtime usually starts on 22 September. During the spring are in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere, the trees greener and involve many plants bloom; gradually becomes warmer and the risk of frost smaller.

The word "spring" is an old distraction of long and relates to the lengthening of the days. It is akin to German Lenz and the English lent, the forty days of Lent before Easter.

first day of spring

People and Spring Equinox

Spring is often associated with fertility and food production. In Europe, annual food crops sown in spring. The effects of the spring on the nature Spring is traditionally celebrated with fertility symbols. Waste material can be seen in symbols as the maypole, the Easter Bunny and eggs, and stick with the cock at the top during Palm Sunday. In Hinduism, Hindu celebrate Holi, In China, Chinese celebrate Chinese new year as a spring festival.

The days in the spring to be compared with the previous winter longer, and the sunlight is stronger. This has effect on humans, because the amount of serotonin and dopamine becomes higher. This results in an increase of desire to achieve something, feel to have more power or energy, motivation, stress, etc.

Effects of Spring Equinox on Plants and Animals:

All plants, including agricultural crops begin to grow in length after hibernation. Even animals come out of their hiding places and begin nesting. Migratory birds migrate northwards in response to warmer temperatures. In mammals, such as sheep, the young are born in early spring, so they go by the end of summer with a sufficient reserve the difficult winter season.

Spring Equinox Facts:

In 2044, the vernal equinox will be on March 19, 2044. It will be the only Spring equinox of 21st century that will be observe on March 19.

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